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(Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett’s ego got a fine stroking in the latest video ad for his reelection campaign, which attempts to draw comparisons between Democrat Hogsett and former Indianapolis Mayor William Hudnut, a Republican.

The 30-second ad features Hogsett sitting next to a downtown statue of former Indianapolis Mayor Bill Hudnut and calling Hudnut “my role model.”

“Bill brought us a football team, built our skyline and was still a neighborhood mayor,” Hogsett says in the ad. “We’re rebuilding our roads, adding jobs and hiring 150 more police for our neighborhoods. Bill didn’t care what party you are in. Neither do I.”

What Was Left on the Editing Floor: “But my campaign REALLY cares about that stuff when it comes to having me sit down for an interview at WIBC where I might be asked a few tough questions.”

The Hogsett ad further heaps undue praise upon the Mayor by giving him credit for ‘building up’ the Indianapolis skyline and adding ‘tens of thousands of jobs.’

What Was Left on the Editing Floor: “Please ignore the horrendous murder rate in the Circle City.”

Misleading Claim Included in Hogsett Ad: “The city is hiring 150 more police officers.”

Reality Check, Courtesy of the Indianapolis Business Journal:

“While Hogsett’s administration has dedicated more money to expand the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, it is experiencing recruitment and retention challenges with officers, and has not hit Hogsett’s goal to recruit 150 net new officers.”

WIBC host Tony Katz offered his perspective on Mayor Hogsett’s shiny new ad Monday morning. Click below to check it out.