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The Trump administration on Monday announced a new policy that drastically tightens restrictions for asylum seekers, which severely limits the number of Central American migrants eligible to enter the United States in this way.

The new rule requires migrants entering through America’s southern border to first seek asylum in one of the countries they crossed into on their journey. Only if that migrant’s application is denied by those countries would they then be able to seek asylum in the United States.

“Ultimately, today’s action will reduce the overwhelming burdens on our domestic system caused by asylum-seekers failing to seek urgent protection in the first available country, economic migrants lacking a legitimate fear of persecution, and the transnational criminal organizations, traffickers, and smugglers exploiting our system for profits,” Homeland Security Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan said in a statement, describing the “targeted changes” as critical.

As reported by Fox News, “the latest change is meant to crack down on asylum seekers coming to the U.S. more for economic reasons than to escape persecution in their home countries. The new policy does include a couple other exceptions, mainly for certain victims of human trafficking.”

As expected, Democrats and mainstream media outlets are in a full-blown meltdown.

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WIBC host Tony Katz offers commentary in the clip below.