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Two options with this one, folks: Channing Tatum is either pulling an Andy Kauffman or he’s losing his mind.

Tatum posted a bizarre rant on Twitter about a new app called “The Pattern” on Friday, and from the looks of it, the 39-year-old actor is good and freaked out by it. 

“I don’t know if I’m late to this or if I’m early to this, but what is this Pattern sh-t? It’s an app — I just downloaded it,” Tatum says in the video. “It just asked me to put in my birthdate and time of birth, by the way, how are you supposed to know your time of birth?”

Tatum went on to reveal that while in a therapy session, he got a notification following his appointment that used, “the exact words that we were using in therapy.”

“Are you listening through the phone pattern?” he asked. “AI, the algorithm that is The Pattern, are you listening through the phone and just regurgitating the stuff I’m afraid of?”

“You know what, Pattern people? You should just call me. That’s what should happen right now. You should just DM me. If you know so much you know how to get in touch with me, don’t you? So just do that.”

What the heck is this new app, you ask?

The Pattern: a personality app and categorized as a social media platform, it is designed to “explore your Personal Pattern to gain insight about various sides of your personality,” according to the App Store. “Understanding these dynamics can help you to navigate the difficult times and take advantage of the positive opportunities that you might otherwise miss.”

Good deal, but it seems to have our buddy Channing Tatum a little wigged out.

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