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Sergeant Ryan O’Neill, the South Bend police officer at the center of a special prosecutor’s investigation over a controversial and fatal shooting, has officially resigned.

Sergeant O’Neill shot and killed Eric Logan last month, and the South Bend Fraternal Order of Police announced his resignation Monday, July 15.

The FOP cited the toll the aftermath of this shooting has taken on his family, saying the four weeks since this shooting happened have been difficult for Sergeant O’Neill and his family.

“Sgt. O’Neill did his job and was forced to defend his own life from a convicted felon who was armed with an eight-inch hunting knife,” said Harvey Mills, South Bend FOP President, in the release. “We’re confident that the investigation into the shooting will determine that the action he took was justified based on the law and his training; however, job related stress, the lawsuit, national media attention, and hateful things said on social media have been difficult for O’Neill and his young family.”

WIBC host Tony Katz spoke of the need to let an investigation play out in the matter prior to passing judgment.

Editor’s note: “Paging Mayor Pete?”


“I don’t know what happened; that’s what an investigation is for. There are people who are going to cheer the fact that he stepped down. Well, I’m not going to do that, because the more officers who decide they’re going to face attacks and threats regardless of fact, the bigger the problem society is going to have. We need an investigation in order to know what happened.” 

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