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INDIANAPOLIS — As temperatures rise, getting some relief at the park or a pool might sound like a good idea.

But, fire officials warn that kids could get hurt in a matter of seconds. Under the summer sun, playgrounds can quickly go from fun to frightening.

At Stout Field Park, Wayne Township Fire Department Division Chief Troy Wymer, used a thermal gun to measure the temperature of playground equipment.

The damage starts at 110 degrees. Then, at 160 degrees, burns can happen in a second.

Even on a cloudy day, over and over again, Wymer found that every piece of equipment went well above the dangerous mark. The slide topped out at a sizzling 150 degrees.

Across the park, parents and kids were getting relief at the splash pad.

“The heat indexes are going to be out of this world,” said resident Rebecca Snyder.

“It’s really, really hot, so perfect thing to do,” said resident Brittney Bishop, referring to the splash pad.

However, the water does not make you any safer in these weather conditions.

“Even where the water is at, (the surface is) still 139-140 degrees,” said Wymer.

With highs expected to reach into the middle 90’s, and heat indices in the triple digits, Wymer warns conditions will only be getting worse over the next few days.

“Put sunscreen on your kids. If you’re going to dress kids to go outside, light clothing that’s wearable light and not heavy of course, and something in light colors,” said Wymer.

More tips to consider during the heat wave: stay hydrated, plan to take your kids to the pool, and check to see if a surface is safe by using the back of your hand because it is more sensitive to heat.

If it is too hot for you, it is definitely too hot for your kids.