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(photo: courtesy of Fox News)

One thing Fox News and Fox Nation’s Tomi Lahren has never been criticized for is being too soft-spoken.

During a Thursday appearance on the #1 rated Hammer and Nigel show, Lahren took on the so-called ‘Squad’ in a blistering commentary that put the recent dust-up between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the outspoken freshmen representatives on the left into the proper perspective.

“What’s funny to me is to watch the left cannibalize itself,” said Lahren. They started this for themselves. They started the victimhood Olympics; they started the pandering Olympics for themselves, the race card, the woman card, the immigrant card. But now, all the cards they threw out on the table against Republicans are starting to get used against them, and they’re using them against each other.”

Lahren added: “Really, all we have to do is sit back and watch them destroy themselves from within, and that’s exactly what they’re doing.”

When it came time to talk this week’s political drama over President Donald Trump’s alleged ‘racist’ tweets, Lahren was equally frank. 

“I don’t think when he tweeted what he tweeted over the weekend that that’s what he meant,” said Lahren. “What he was saying, and what I got very clearly was ‘love it or leave it.’ It was ‘if you don’t like our country [and] you want to turn our country into something that it is fundamentally not; if you want this to be a socialist nation with open borders, then you should go somewhere else.’ To me, it wasn’t a ‘send them back’ type of comment at all.”

Lahren added that the Democrats’ non-stop pandering and bizarre decision to pass an official resolution condemning Trump’s tweets was a waste of the American peoples’ time.

“I think it’s such a disservice to the American people that they chose to waste an entire day on the House floor debating and arguing over tweets,” said Lahren. “Both sides agree that we have a crisis at the border, and they took an entire day of taxpayer-funded time to go back and forth over what Trump meant by that tweet and whether it was offensive or not. It’s so petty and indefensible in light of all the other issues we should be focusing on.”

Lahren also gave Hammer and Nigel some exclusive insight on her new book, “Never Play Dead: How the Truth Makes You Unstoppable.” Click below to hear Tomi’s full interview!