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LOVELAND, Co-Vice President Mike Pence was in Colorado Monday to campaign for Republican Senator Cory Gardner, but he also ran into some of his critics. 

“Get ready, Colorado. We are going to bring a winning message of this team and of Cory Gardner straight through election day,” Pence said. 

Pence said Gardner is a champion of the economy, but he is considered one of the most vulnerable senators running for re-election in the 2020 cycle. 

Pence spent about two hours in Loveland attending a fundraiser for Gardner at the home of Martin Lind, a major developer in northern Colorado. Then he went to Aspen, where he attended private fundraisers. None of the events were open to the public. 

A small group of mainly young women with a rainbow banner that read “Hypocrite” on it protested Pence’s appearance from in front of the Isis Theater across from the Caribou Club entrance. The Caribou Club is owned by two gay men. 

“Love is love! Pence is hate!”, they chanted. 

One man carried a sign that read: “Mike Pence Satan Thanks You” on one side and “Mike Pence Hitler Thanks You” on the other. 

This man says Pence does not represent Christian values. 

“He calls himself a Christian and they’re putting children in cages. He’s anti-immigrant, he’s anti-homosexual, he’s anti-minority. He’s anti-everything, except white, Christian male,” he said. 

Pence greeted and talked with a group of about 30 supporters at the airport, but did not take questions from the media.

Anna Zane, chairwoman of Pitkin County Republicans, was within the group of supporters at the airport and she told the Aspen Times she appreciates that Aspen draws politicians from both parties.

“(Pence) was very gracious and he spoke to every one of us,” she said. “It’s an honor to have the vice president come to town. I don’t know that we’ll ever turn Pitkin County (blue), but we can change some minds.” 

Pence will be in Iowa Tuesday. He will visit Accumold, a micro-molding company in Ankeny. Pence is expected to talk about the Trump administrations efforts to pass the United States – Mexico – Canada Agreement. Trump says the deal will give workers a level playing field to compete.

(PHOTO: Cheriss May/Getty)