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(Screen Capture: NBC New York)

Like most rational people, my response to NYPD officers getting water thrown on them was calm and reasonable: “Why can’t the police just shoot the bas*ards in the head?”

Fortunately, I’m not a current or former elected official.

Former New York City Mayor Rudi Giuliani, however, knows a thing or two about running a city the RIGHT way, and he took to Twitter Tuesday to call out current NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio (You know, the soda tax guy?) for how he’s mismanaged the Big Apple.

“This disrespect for the uniform in NYC is the result of a Democrat-Progressive (Retrogressive)-Socialist Mayor,” wrote Giuliani just before 6:30 a.m. “This is what happens with knee-jerk disrespect for police. It will only get worse until these Left-wing idiots are defeated.”

Editor’s Note: I’m betting Giuliani was thinking the whole “shoot in the bas*ards in the head” thing too; he just can’t say it out loud.

By the way, more video has emerged of officers taking abuse from ungrateful, law-breaking turds on society:

Hey, do you know what video I remember of New York City police officers?

Ring any bells, New York liberals?

WIBC’s Nigel and Rob Kendall discussed Giuliani’s takedown of Bill de Blasio Tuesday afternoon. Click below to check it out.