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This is one of those stories that makes me feel SO good –  especially since I’m NOT the one doing the push-ups. 

From The Daily Mail:

A six-year-old boy who has been dubbed the ‘Chechen Schwarzenegger’ has set two world records after doing 4,618 press-ups in a row.   

Rahim Kurayev drew a large audience when he went onto Chechen state television in Grozny to attempt the world records.

Kurayev completed 4,183 press-ups to break the world record for the most amount done for a six-year-old in two hours, but he was not finished there.  

The young boy continued until he reached 4,618, which broke the world record for the most continuous press-ups done by a six-year-old.

Hey, there he is embarrassing us now:

By the way, the ‘Chechen Schwarzenegger’ also won his family an apartment in addition to the Guinness World Record.

Did I say I felt ‘good’ about this story? I feel TERRIBLE about this story. The kid did over 4,600 push-ups; I can’t even do 15 AND my family is downsizing because we can’t afford a third bedroom apartment on my salary. I’m a loser.

‘Chechen Schwarzenegger’ indeed. I hope his family doesn’t have a maid.

Ooh! A.D.D. Moment! Have you seen that video of the Russian kid at the nightclub?

…He didn’t choose the club life…The club life chose him…

Anyway, while I’m searching Google for a therapist to help me resolve my deep feelings of inferiority and failure – i.e. learn to blame my parents for my life choices – you enjoy quality content from the Chicks on the Right: