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WASHINGTON — Indiana Congressman Andre Carson is slamming the Trump Administration from being “greedy”. 

During yesterday’s hearing with former Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Carson focused on Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort to make his point. 

“He’s an individual who, I believe, betrayed our country, lied to a grand jury, tampered with witnesses, and clearly tried to use his position with the Trump campaign to make more money,” Carson said to Mueller. “Let’s focus on the betrayal and greed.”

Carson grilled Mueller about Manafort sharing private information with a man linked to Russian intelligence, referencing Manafort’s meeting with a Russian intelligence officer.

“Mr. Mueller, meeting with this man wasn’t enough,” Carson continued. “Mr. Manafort went so far as to offer this Russian oligarch, tied to Vladimir Putin, a private briefing on the campaign. Is that right, sir?”

“Yes sir,” Mueller replied.

Mueller reiterated that the crimes Manafort was convicted on were accurate, but he wouldn’t answer questions about specifics not outlined in his report.  Regardless, Carson says it’s clear that Manafort sought financial compensation for the information he shared and added, “Greed corrupts.” 

(PHOTO: Tom WIlliams/Getty Images)