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Democrats’ hatred for President Donald Trump has pushed them into full-blown “Bush Planned 9/11, America Never Went to the Moon” conspiracy territory now. You thought the moment the Left had separated from reality was when they started yelling at the sky? Wrong-O! 

Case in Point: Nicole Wallace, MSNBC Media Personality and Budding Conspiracy Theorist.

Ms. Wallace was apparently grief-stricken to the point of paranoia over Robert Mueller’s lackluster performance (for Democrats, that is) at this week’s House Judiciary Committee hearing. The former special prosecutor and one-time head of the FBI often seemed lost and confused during the hearing, exhibiting a look that portrayed a man in the midst of attempting to determine whether or not he remembered to unplug the toaster before leaving the house that morning.

Editor’s Note: Should have stayed at Holiday Inn Express, Bob.

Several media personalities expressed their shock over Mueller’s appearance Tuesday. FOX News’ Chris Wallace called the hearing a “disaster” for Democrats and to the reputation of Mueller. MSNBC’s Jeremy Bash said Mueller “sucked the life” out of the report.

It was MSNBC’s Wallace, however, who seemed the most disconnected from reality in her assessment. 

Wallace Teeters on the Edge of Liberal Paranoia :

“Donald Trump in jail is not some incomprehensible concept. He knows a lot of people in jail and a lot of us don’t know anybody in jail.

I think there is more that Mueller can do in service of the report he’s obviously proud and protective of but it is in Mueller’s interest as well as in the interest of the truth.”

Wallace Trips and Falls Over the Edge (or maybe she jumped?):

“And I think that if Donald Trump is re-elected, and in the second term, maybe a reporter ends up in jail, maybe one of those investigators being investigated for the third time now ends up in jail, I think that every Democrat that blinked when this document came out will have some explaining to do.”

Meanwhile, Fox News is reporting Friday that Trump’s approval rating is up, with voter ratings on the economy at their highest level in decades. 

Uh-oh. I see another round of sky-screaming in Nicole Wallace’s future. 

WIBC host Tony Katz has the full audio of Nicole’s comments and commentary in the clip below!