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(INDIANAPOLIS) – South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg says racial inequities are threaded through just about every problem the U.S. faces.

Buttigieg told the National Urban League convention in Indianapolis racial disparities affect issues from health and education to housing and criminal justice. While  the sentencing gap between white and black defendants gets much of the attention, Buttigieg says African-American patients are less likely to be taken seriously when they complain of pain in hospital emergency rooms. And Buttigieg says a legacy of redlining has forced African-Americans into specific neighborhoods, while gentrification can push them out again. The combined impact, he says, means African-Americans “are effectively living in a different country.”

Buttigieg drew his warmest applause with a promise to carry the same message to white audiences, not just predominantly black ones.

Like Senators Amy Klobuchar and Kamala Harris, who also brought their presidential campaigns to the convention, Buttigieg points out Russian trolls specifically exploited racial divisions on social media to influence the last election. He says that ends up suppressing not just black votes, but white ones, because it elevated a president Buttigieg denounces as racist.

Buttigieg brought up last month’s South Bend police shooting, acknowledging that South Bend hasn’t solved the issue any more than any other city. But he says having faced the issue head-on better equips him to confront it nationally. He emphasizes the city is already reviewing its use-of-force policy and other ways to reduce African-American mistrust of police, even as the investigation of the shooting itself continues.

The Urban League appearance was Buttigieg’s second home-state campaign stop in eight days in his presidential bid. Last week, he addressed the Young Democrats of America national convention in Indianapolis.

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg (Photo: Derek Henkle/AFP via Getty Images)