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(Alex Wong/Getty Images)

For weeks America has been held in suspense as Democrats have promised to once and for all expose a grand Trump Administration conspiracy, and had placed their faith in Robert Mueller’s investigation. After delivering the 400+ page report Congressional Democrats were still left without the corroborating evidence they so desperately wished for, and in a last-ditch bid to salvage their narrative they summoned Mueller to Congressional Committees to elaborate on the findings of this report. Mueller’s testimony ultimately left much to be desired and represents a political loss for Democrats. 

In other parts of America, Georgia State lawmaker Erica Thomas made a tearful Facebook Live video describing being harassed by a white racist at a Publix Grocery store. Liberal Media outlets immediately seized upon the story as an example of racism inspired by Donald Trump in the wake of controversial Tweets focused on four female Congressional Democrats known as “The Squad.” Much like the narrative advanced by Jussie Smollet, this incident also has proven to be less-than-factually-based. 

The Democratic nominees for President prepare for their 2nd round of debates, Joe Biden promises to not be so polite in his exchanges with his fellow candidates which should make for some spectacular rhetorical fireworks. And in the lead up to this debate Bernie Sanders suffers an embarrassing scandal as campaign staff files a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board accusing Sanders of Anti-Union activity and employee retaliation– oh the irony! Listen to this weeks episode of Saturday Night on the Circle for details on these stories and great conversation!