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You know that Joe Biden fella? Former VP? Renowned sniffer of ladies’ hair? Habitual invader of personal space?  Political weeble-wobble who frequently is confused about which state he’s in? You know, the old, white fart who the “celebrate diversity” lunatic lefty liberals are supporting for President? 

Yeah, that’s the guy. Well, it turns out that some Democrats are beginning to worry that good ole’ befuddled Biden might not have the personal drive to become President of the United States.

Granted, his chances to defeat Trump look good, according to the latest polling, but the New York Times claims that “on certain days, Biden 2020 can feel more like a dutiful slog than the last march of a happy warrior” in an article entitled, “Does Joe Biden Want to Be Doing This?”

In a tour of about a dozen of these campaign events across the early-voting states during the second half of August, Mr. Biden’s audiences were moderately enthusiastic, always polite and certainly appreciative of his visits. Given their revulsion for the incumbent, many attendees expressed gratitude that Mr. Biden was running for president. But they struggled to identify why he was running, or what the former vice president represented beyond a known and decent entity who was not Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders.

Yikes! You know your campaign is on shaky ground when the New York Times is questioning your devotion to the mission at hand.

The New York Times isn’t the only left-wing rag to question of Biden’s commitment either. The Washington Post is dubbing Joe Biden “the anemic front-runner.”

Biden’s answer rests on two pillars. First, getting rid of the Oval Office’s current occupant is really all that matters. While it’s nice to have a policy agenda and a vision for the future, that’s far less important than just beating President Trump. And second, Biden is the Democratic candidate most likely to do that.

That’s at least better than some candidates who have no answer at all. But if you are unpersuaded by either of those assertions, there’s not much reason to support Biden.

And then there’s the fact that Biden claims he actually asked President Obama NOT to endorse him for President – not exactly the request of a man who’s desperately striving to oust Trump from the White House.

Bottom line: Creeping on the ladies is a full-time job, and Biden is of the senior citizen persuasion. Maybe he doesn’t have the energy to keep up the creepin’ AND be the President. And you know, I’m good with that!

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The Chicks on the Right discuss Biden’s commitment to duty (“doodie!”) in the clip below.