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INDIANAPOLIS–The family of a teenage girl is suing the Metropolitan School District of Warren Township (MSDWT) for negligence in a case that involves a former coach at Warren Central High School. 

Brittney Mang, a former high school Spanish teacher and JV softball coach at Warren Central, is facing two counts of sexual misconduct with a minor and one count of child solicitation for fondling or touching. 

“The administrators of Warren Central blatantly ignored obvious red flags over a period of at least four months,” an attorney representing the family said in a news conference Thursday. 

A lawsuit filed September 6, claims that MSDWT failed to relieve or suspend Mang of her duties as a teacher and coach despite knowing, or should have known, of warnings. 

“Stacy (the girl’s mother) had to have the conversation with her daughter and hear facts that no Warren Central parent believed could ever happen to their child. The teacher and coach preyed upon and sexually battered a child while using her authority provided by the school district,” the attorney said. 

Police say the student’s mother found text messages between her daughter, who was 15 years old at the time, and Mang. 

The lawsuit says MSWDT failed to review Mang’s background prior to hiring and failing to supervise Mang as a teacher and athletic coach.  

The family is demanding a jury trial and seeking judgment in an amount adequate to compensate for “the losses they have endured, including past and future pain, suffering, and medical expenses.”