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INDIANAPOLIS–Joy’s House was recognized as the best adult day center in the country in 2015, and now it may have to close. If you’re not familiar with the not-for-profit, it’s a center that can take care of your loved ones who may have Alzheimer’s, dementia, or another debilitating disease, during the day, while you’re at work.

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“We’ve been around for 20 years and done great,” said Tina McIntosh, president and founder of Joy’s House, which was founded in Broad Ripple in 1999. “The last couple of years have been odd- a lot of changes in how people are donating.”

McIntosh said she’s not sure whether it’s because people may not understand tax reform and how that relates to donating, or why corporations and foundations have shifted their donating priorities, but money is not coming in like it used to, and that’s forced staff reductions and may result in Joy’s House closing during the 20th year celebration, which is in November.

She said changes in Medicaid have also put the service at risk.

“We are in an eight-week campaign. It’s very aggressive. And, it’s a time for us to raise a little over half a million dollars.”


“Many Joy’s House guests depend on Medicaid to help cover the costs of care,” said McIntosh. “Going to a day service like Joy’s House, not only enables the loved one to live in their own home, it is a significantly more affordable choice for the family – and for the Indiana taxpayer – versus going to a nursing home.” 

She said she knows that caring for aging people isn’t always the most attractive cause, but she and the people at Joy’s House, realize it is an important mission, to not only the help the people they serve, but also the caregivers who might not otherwise be able to work or be out in the community.

PHOTO: Provided by Joy’s House