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“No diggity” you say? “Bull s****y,” we say!

The History channel and Crown Hill Cemetary might have wimped out on digging up the rotted corpse of notorious gangster John Dillinger, but John boy’s nephew, Michael Thompson says he still plans to get his uncle’s casket out of the ground. 

Dig this (groan) statement that was given to Indianapolis media outlet WTHR:

At this time I have no plans to postpone my efforts to exhume the casket of my uncle, John Dillinger.

There are major inconsistencies between John Dillinger’s known physical characteristics and the body that was buried in Crown Hill Cemetery. These inconsistencies have been widely reported for decades, but have been confirmed by the recent release of the FBI’s voluminous file on the case that I have in my possession. I simply wish to confirm that the body in the grave is that of my uncle.

“If forensic tests confirm the identity, the decades-long speculation will end. If it is not John Dillinger, there is much work to be done to learn the identity of the individual who was shot and killed at the Biograph Theater in 1934. Additionally, my entire family, and the public, will be most eager to discover where Dillinger spent his remaining years, whether he married, and whether he has surviving children and grandchildren who would be our relatives. We deserve the right to know the truth.”


Mike Thompson

That’s right! Piss on you, History Channel! We’ll get our own damn shovels from our friend, Pat Sullivan at Sullivan Hardware store. Maybe we’ll do listener party at the cemetery! “Hammer and Nigel’s Dillinger Dig Fest!”

Apparently, it’s about more than just getting the body out of the ground, however. The real expense is the forensic testing, which tends to be rather steep it turns out. And, of course, getting the permits for a “Let’s Dig Up Dillinger” party is no easy feat either.

There have long been theories that Dillinger was not, in fact, the man killed by Chicago police and federal agents outside the Biograph Theater on July 22, 1934.

Dillinger allegedly altered his appearance significantly, leading some to believe there was a lookalike killed and buried in his place.

Fun Fact: Thompson sued Crown Hill Cemetery last month, claiming it’s trying to block his uncle from being exhumed. Crown Hill responded, saying it has a duty “to the families we serve to ensure the safety and integrity of the Cemetery which is threatened by the proposed exhumation.”

Yes, safety first, lest horrendous physical harm come to any soil-dwelling persons of stature. 

Hammer and Nigel have more details and information on how to get your tickets to the “Dillinger Dig Fest” in the clip below.