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This week every hardworking college student and their parents in America got a slap in the face from the justice system as the first sentence from the nationwide college admissions cheating scandal was handed down. Wealthy actress Felicity Huffman received a meager 14 days in jail, paling in comparison to other sentences for comparable crimes. Dr. Root and Ethan Hatcher discuss the troubling culture in academia where all to often it seems that this pay to play behavior is given a pass. 

The Democrats convened in Houston for the 3rd debate night, this time focusing their attention on healthcare, gun control, racism, and climate change. They reveal startling plans for mass confiscation and complete top-down reworking of our national political and economic systems. We bring you the highlights from almost 3 hours of debate. 

Plus an Indiana man makes his nude escape into a cornfield while carrying beer, you don’t want to miss the zany details so tune into the show and listen!