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Photo Credit- Justin Sullivan/ Getty 

Beto O’Rourke and Pete Buttigieg are both running for President. Both men are stuck in the single digits in the polls. Both men are also pathetic. The two men just have too much in common to not begin a feud. This one is about guns.

Beto has taken it upon himself to begin a one-man crusade against Americans who carry a firearm; openly claiming that he has every intention of forcibly making law abiding citizens give up their guns.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg has been critical of how Beto O’Rourke has discussed the subject of guns, adding that O’Rourke is jeopardizing a moment in time where Republicans and Democrats could come to an agreement about universal background checks and red flag laws.

Beto fired back by saying he doesn’t care about compromise. He just wants your guns.

“I say to you that this approach of Beto being absolutely relentless is working and will continue to work. Look at the polling. People like the unapologetic. It may be the most radical positon I’ve ever seen, but he sees an opportunity and he’s taking it. Beto screaming and cursing is getting a response compared to Buttigieg all clam and quiet has him dropping.”