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Did you happen to catch former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on the “Dancing with the Stars” 28th season premiere on Monday night? If you’re having trouble placing him, he was the fella who awkwardly chasséd about the stage to a hit from the Spice Girls while dressed in a frilly bright yellow shirt that evoked Big Bird and a pair of tight-fitting white pants. 

Spicer’s career-ending and ill-advised “Spice Up Your Life” salsa routine occurred towards the end of the second hour, allowing viewers an adequate amount of time to consume and digest their dinner before witnessing Spicer shake his bonbon. 

“I was Donald Trump’s first White House press secretary,” Spicer said in his introduction before gushing over a tweet that Trump put out congratulating him on his new gig. “It’s nice to have the leader of the free world on your side when it comes to getting votes,” he added. 

Yeah. Sean, we’re pretty sure Trump was kidding.

Spicer was paired up with season 25 champion dancer Lindsay Arnold, who described her partner as dancing at a “pre-pre-school level,” adding, “He definitely isn’t natural at it.” 

But really, what talk about this horror in the history of American television when YouTube allows for repeated self-inflicted torture views of Spicer’s salsa? 

Viewer Discretion is Advised:

Look, I’ve seen the footage of President Kennedy’s head being torn apart by a bullet. I’ve watched the infamous Budd Dwyer video. But witnessing Sean Spicer doing the salsa in bright yellow ruffles and tight pants is a visual trauma for which I’m now seeking professional counseling.

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