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Delightful! Politically satisfying! Funny ha-ha!

These are but a few descriptive terms that conservative historians will utilize to aid future generations in their understanding of what occurred during the testimony of Corey Lewandowski before the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday.

Liberal historians utilize the terms snafu, clusterf***, and s***show!

The first hearing as part of Democrats’ impeachment investigation featured former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski in a performance worthy of multiple replays on YouTube. Yes, you simply cannot appreciate all the subtle nuances in Lewandowski’s brilliant effort to frustrate the living hell out of his befuddled liberal adversaries in a single viewing.

You say “rude and combative”? I say “ROUSING GOOD TIME!”

Lewandowski recounted some of his most celebrated moments during an appearance on Fox News Tuesday evening:

WIBC host Tony Katz has all the best highlights of the day in the clip below. Grab an adult beverage, sit back, and enjoy!