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PORTAGE, Ind. — Police in northwest Indiana say a man has been arrested after he slept at a Walmart for several days, stole and ate potato chips, and crashed an electric cart into a wine display. 

Timothy Bryant, 22, admitted to Portage police that he had been sleeping in the changing rooms this week. 

He was caught early Thursday morning after getting drunk, and driving an electric cart into a wine display, breaking several bottles and spilling wine all over the floor. 

The Times of Northwest Indiana says he was escorted out of the Walmart, but returned several hours later, and was found eating a bag of chips. 

Bryant told police he was “lit” when they found an empty bottle of vodka in his sweatshirt pocket. 

He was arrested, and faces charges of public intoxication, theft, resisting law enforcement, trespassing and criminal mischief. 

(Photo: Getty/Scott Olson)