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This is an important bulletin from the Hammer and Nigel Travel Advisory Agency:

If you or your family intend to visit the San Francisco area in the near future, we recommend you bring bear spray, antiseptic, bandages, and gauze. The homeless population has begun to bite.

Come to think of it, you might wish to pack a pair of rubber waders and a pooper scooper in your duffel as well.

San Francisco business owner Gilles DeSaulniers he’s been bitten twice by homeless people in the city by the bay. DeSaulniers shared his dramatic story of survival during an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program this week.

“The last event, it was a guy who came in and we asked him to leave, and he left. He came back 15 minutes later to harass the employee,” DeSaulniers, a shoekeeper told Carlson, adding that his staff attempted to subdue the man while others called police.

“In the process, he decided to bite me, and one of the statements he made was, ‘Why are you even calling the police — they’re not going to do anything — they’re just going to let me go.'”

“This is like a ‘Dawn of the Dead’ scene — you were bitten,” Carlson said.

DeSaulniers said it wasn’t the first time, either. He was previously bitten by a “drugged-out” woman coming in off the street.

Bottom Line: It’s a blessing to get a sneak preview of what Monument Circle will be like in the near future thanks to the incompetent leadership of Mayor Joe Hogsett and the Indy City-County Council.

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