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INDIANAPOLIS–A bar fight five years ago will cost the City of Indianapolis one and a quarter million dollars. That’s because two off-duty cops were involved in the fight.

Former officers Michael Reiger and John Serban are both off the force. Reiger was fired and Serban quit, though they were both found not guilty in a criminal trial. Bradford Bohannon said the officers beat and choked him during a fight at Mike’s pub on Emerson Ave., on the city’s south side, Aug. 7, 2014.

Bohannon said the men beat him because he questioned their authority and knocked away one of their badges.

The jury told the court that the city “was deliberately indifferent to a likelihood that its policies would cause off-duty police officers to use unreasonable force while they had alcohol in their blood.” 

The jury also said the former officers’ use of force and the violation of Bohannon’s rights, was a result of city policies.

PHOTO: Marion County booking