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INDIANAPOLIS — President Trump will hear options today about whether or not to punish Iran for the attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil industry.

Former Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard — who was also a Marine officer — has now become an advocate for using less foreign oil.

“30 years ago, 500,000 Americans were over there trying to throw Saddam Hussein out,” Ballard said. “That’s what this looks like to me.” 

He talked to WISH-TV about his his book “Less Oil or More Caskets,” Trump’s options when it comes to Iran, and what a war with the Middle Eastern country would look like.

“Unlike back in 1991, Iran is not as isolated as Hussein’s Iraq was, so we have to be very careful about this.”

Ballard says he doesn’t want to see America send troops to Iran, because it would “just be another Gulf War.”

He added that he doesn’t believe President Trump will actually send troops, but should be careful about an airstrike because we don’t know what the response would be.

(Photo courtesy of WISH-TV)