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“Joker” is one of the most highly-anticipated films of 2019 and it’s generating a TON of press lately for all the wrong reasons – including the potential for random shootings at screenings. 

According to The Wrap, a U.S. Army Base in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, has warned commanders of a potential threat of violence at an upcoming showing of Warner Bros.’ “Joker,” citing an intelligence bulletin about “a credible potential mass shooting to occur at an unknown movie theater.”

The memo apparently cites an intelligence bulletin that discovered “disturbing and very specific chatter on the dark web.”

“Commanders need to be aware of this threat for Soldier and family safety and to increase situational awareness should they choose to attend the release of this movie,” the memo says.

The memo does not specify the theater that was threatened, or if it was in Oklahoma, Texas, or some other location, according to U.S. News.

Meanwhile, U.S. military personnel nationwide received an unrelated memo from U.S. Army leadership on Tuesday, warning soldiers that “Posts on social media have made reference to involuntary celibate (“incel”) extremists replicating the 2012 theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, at screenings of the ‘Joker’ movie at nationwide theaters.”


That memo reportedly explains that “Incels are individuals who express frustration from perceived disadvantages to starting intimate relationships,” who “idolize violent individuals like the Aurora movie theater shooter.”

Hmm… Maybe I’ll wait until it’s available to stream.

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