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How do you poop discretely in the close confines of a hotel room while your special someone is on the other side of the door? Added stressor: It’s your first trip as a couple.

This important life issue is courageously tackled in #FirstPooWithBoo, a six-week all-digital campaign from and Poo-Pourri.

“This is an issue that every person faces at some point in their lives, and we all need to drop the shame,” says Suzy Batiz, founder and CEO of Poo-Pourri.

“The relationship is new and you’re just not ready for them to smell you that way yet,” says Quinn Katherman, creative director at CPB, the makers of this visionary ad. “But gets it, and Poo-Pourri made the perfect partners to help us tackle an issue that everyone can relate to on a gut level.”

This is how the groundbreaking ad is described by its makers:

“You’ve booked your first trip together on, and the poop stakes have never been higher. Captain Obvious and Bethany are here to make your #firstpoowithboo less obvious with Poo~Pourri—the before-you-go toilet spray that traps bathroom odor below the water’s surface. All anyone will smell is a refreshing bouquet of natural essential oils.”

Here it is now, submitted for your aPOOval (See what we did there?):

Fun Fecal Fact: Nearly one-quarter of people report that going No. 2 is “the most anxiety-inducing part” of their maiden voyage with their new partners, according to a study, while 73{fdbcabf771828492f9ea8159017cf64899a634f8417cacba890e13c34db45301} said they will go to great lengths to avoid using the hotel bathroom when their significant other just steps away. 

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