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WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ind.–Two people were arrested on multiple charges in eastern Washington County earlier this week while trying to run from the police, investigators say. 

State police say one of their troopers was trying to stop a black Chevrolet Corvette for speeding on State Road 56 in eastern Washington County late Tuesday night. When the trooper tried to stop the Corvette, he said the driver sped off on Mount Road. That is a gravel road. When the driver hit the gas, it left a big cloud of dust making it hard for the trooper to see. 

The State Trooper says he heard from the Washington County Sheriff’s Department that a suspicious car was parked near a barn. The trooper says that was the Corvette he was looking for. 

When he approached the Corvette, he says he found Jacquline L. Turner, 48, of Medora in the Corvette. Turner, he says, got out of the Corvette and started to walk away and he ordered her to stop. The trooper says Turner was wanted out of Washington County and another man ran away from that barn prior to him getting there. 

He says he later found that man Jeffrey Lee Wilhoite, 42, of Bedford, Kentucky, near the woods lying on the ground. The officer said Wilhoite had an ankle holster with a gun in it. 

Police say they found over 10 grams of meth. Wilhoite and Turner were arrested and take to the Washington County Jail. 

(PHOTO: Indiana State Police)