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We’ve had an unusual September here in Indiana, record high temps have done more than just mess with our sweater weather wardrobe. The humidity has also messed up our typical lawn schedule maintenance. So if you’re wondering if it’s too late to plant grass seed, transplant, or fertilize we’ve got some recommendations!



To Recap:

Can I plant grass seed now? It’s a little risky… If you do have a spot that you want to fill in, make sure you use a fine ryegrass, fescue, or turf type fescue. These seeds will germinate within a week, just in time before the first frost. However, at this point, stay away from the blue grass, since it needs 15-30 days before the ground freezes.

Should I core aerate the lawn? Yes, as long as the ground isn’t frozen. Hopefully the little rain we get over the weekend will help make the work a bit easier on our wrists.   

Fertilize? There’s still time! Put an application down now, it’s one of the most important steps of the whole fertilizing program. Don’t forget to add another application again in late November.

Can I still kill weeds? There is plenty of time left to try and spray those pesky weeds.

Is it time to transplant my plant? NO! Wait until the plant is dormant before you move it, otherwise you risk putting it in shock or damaging it. Towards the end of October is usually a safe time.


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