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“What’s in the box? Aw, what’s in the box?!?!?”

Well, in the case of one Maria del Carmen, her ex-husband’s decapitated head is what’s in the old box! 

Unfortunately, murderer and amateur surgeon 61-year-old Maria del Carmen isn’t all that great with the old “discretion thing.” According to a report in the New York Daily News, Ms. Maria, who lives on Spain’s north coast, asked a neighbor to keep an eye on her box of adult toys, as she didn’t want authorities looking in it while they were poking around for clues that might help them locate 67-year-old Jesus Maria, who’d gone missing in February.

Editor’s Note: So there were a LOT of Marias in that town, but clearly room for only one. 

The neighbor, who is not identified as a “Maria” in the police report, finally decided to look inside the box once it started “stinking up her house.” No vibrators or lubricants were found – just a severed, rotting head, which frankly, isn’t sexy.

Police have yet to locate the rest of Jesus Maria’s remains, but Christmas is right around the corner!

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