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SOUTH BEND, Ind.–Trying to decrease violence in South Bend was the goal of a Peacemaker Summit Sunday. 

Over 500 people attended the Summit at Pentecostal Cathedral Church, including South Bend Mayor and Democrat Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg. 

One of the main topics of discussion was the shooting of Eric Logan. Logan was killed by Sergeant Ryan O’Neill back in June. O’Neill’s body camera was not on at the time of the incident. Logan’s family is suing the city of South Bend and O’Neill claiming O’Neill violated Logan’s constitutional rights by using “excessive deadly force.”

Logan’s brother, Tyree Bonds, was at the summit Sunday. 

“I’m standing here for my brother like everybody knows. We got to fight to make a change in our own community. If we want South Bend to change, we have to do it as a unified family,” Bonds said. 

“By the end of the summer, 79 people have been killed or injured as a result of gun violence,” another faith leader explained.

Buttigieg is in favor of creating a new position within the mayor’s office aimed at reducing violence.  

“Trust between community members and the police is crucial for breaking cycles of violence among residents,” Buttigieg said. “It will not be easy to keep the faith in these approaches when something bad happens. Something bad will happen and will test our faith, but what is a community good for if not helping one another do things that are not easy?” 

That new position has to be approved by the South Bend Common Council. Buttigieg also says he’ll be including $350,000 in next year’s budget to go towards efforts to cut down on violence. 

The council will vote on that budget at a meeting next week. 

(PHOTO:  Ethan Miller/Getty Images)