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GARY, Ind.–State Sen. Eddie Melton announced Tuesday he will run for governor. Melton is running against former state health commissioner Dr. Woody Myers, and businessman Josh Owens, for the Democrat nomination. Melton announced his candidacy at an event in his hometown of Gary.

Melton was joined by State Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Jennifer McCormick who talked about what she sees as Indiana’s need for new leadership.

McCormick joined Sen. Melton on his Hoosier Community Conversations statewide tour this summer, where the main topic of conversation revolved around the state of education in Indiana and how to invest in our future.

We knew how to play to our strengths and anticipated the challengers and that is exactly what is missing in Indiana these days,” said Melton in a video released Tuesday evening. “Indiana needs and vision, and we need a game plan.”

The video indicated Melton will be running on a platform of increasing teacher pay, helping Hoosiers earn a “living wage”, and access to health care.

“I have heard directly from Hoosiers across Indiana about how they feel left behind by our state government,” said Melton, in a news release. “I feel a sense of responsibility to be a voice for those who have felt voiceless and to lead Indiana into a future which creates opportunity for all. I will take the thoughts and dreams shared with me over the years and over the past few months across the state, as I offer myself in service as Indiana’s next governor.”

One of Melton’s opponents responded to his announcement.

“I welcome Senator Melton to the race and look forward to having a genuine conversation on the issues that matter most to Hoosiers. The Indiana voters will benefit from hearing real debate on the issues from all three of us,” Myers said.

“I’m looking forward to a competitive and spirited primary focused on Democratic values. I’ve been traveling the state since I announced my intention to run in July and have been listening to Hoosiers who feel Indiana has not done enough to support teachers, improve health care access and help all workers make enough to provide for their families. I will be focusing on ways to permanently solve problems faced by Hoosiers during my campaign.”

PHOTO: Melton’s campaign video