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(Pavel Kanaplitski/Getty Images)

Are you a conservative looking for love? Are you frequently turned down on Tinder by potential matches for your political beliefs? Are you sure it’s your political beliefs that are causing members of the opposite sex to run rather than your face? 

A recent email to the Chicks on the Right from “Anna” in San Diego indicates that political discrimination in the world of online dating is a real thing. According to lovelorn Anna, profiles on Tinder frequently state that “Trump supporters” should immediately “swipe left,” meaning “take a hike, fall off a mountain and die a painful death.”

Fret not, however, as a solution to this cruel world of anti-Trump dating is being addressed with the rise of “conservatives only”dating apps. 

“Righter” and “Conservatives Only,” are for single folks who prefer NOT to date anti-American, mentally ill socialist dimwits and diaper-wearing climate change hysterics. Meanwhile, “Donald Daters,” which features the tagline “Make America Date Again,” is exclusively reserved for Republicans who support our President – even when he tweets something incredibly stupid.

Emily Moreno, the founder of Donald Daters, told a reporter for VOX that she once had a date walk out on her “before the drinks had even arrived” after she said she had worked on a Republican Senate campaign.

“I continue to hear these stories from my friends about how when they’re on these standard dating apps, they’re always told they won’t get a first date. It’s right there in the bio,” she was quoted as saying, referring to the previously-mentioned “Trump supporters swipe left.”

The Chicks on the Right and Producer Rob discuss the challenges of being a conservative in the modern world of online dating in today’s edition of Speedround.