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INDIANAPOLIS — A judge is giving residents a few extra days to pack up and leave a mobile home park on the southwest side of Indianapolis.

The owners of the I-70 Mobile Home Park, Blue Lake, Inc., told residents of the park earlier this year they had 60 days to pack up and leave their homes because they were closing down the park. The owners said it was because they could not afford a new $100,000 sewer system for the park.

They gave residents an Oct. 15 deadline. But, a judge is intervening, pushing that deadline back to Oct. 18. That means legally, Blue Lake must keep all utilities on and not force anyone out of their homes in that time frame.

“They’re scared, they are. They are scared. They are terrified. They don’t know where they’re going to go,” said resident Lianna Martinez of her fellow neighbors at the park. “It’s just not OK. It’s driving people into a depression. We’re in a shock.”

“If we could just get more time, I think we’d be all right. Give us some more time, my God. We can’t just, like me, I can’t just grab my home and roll out of here because you say we have to leave,” resident Jeff Melton said to WISH-TV.

The reason the deadline wasn’t pushed back further is for a court hearing that will happen Oct. 18. Attorney General Curtis Hill is suing Blue Lake hoping to keep them from selling mobile homes in the park and to pay restitution to current residents.