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WASHINGTON, D.C.–Sen. Mike Braun supports what he calls “common sense” gun law reform. Exactly what that entails is not quite clear. Braun answered questions from gun rights attorney and Gun Guy host Guy Relford.

Braun said he supports background checks for all commercial sales, including those on the internet and at gun shows. Those laws already exist.

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“When it comes to background checks on commercial sales, I believe we need to have that type, and we need to do it for the reason of…keep weapons out of the hands of criminals, and the other thing is the mentally ill,” said Braun.

Relford asked Braun if he supports background checks for private sales, between two individuals.

“No way. That’s crossing the line,” he said. “That is where you’re gonna impact individuals that, first of all to me, that gets into right of privacy. That’s a whole different domain. Commercial sales only.”

Braun said he believes if supporters of the 2nd Amendment do nothing, it will come back to bite them because it may give people who want to ban certain types of weapons or seize guns, more leverage, if there are more mass shootings.

The senator will be a guest on The Gun Guy Saturday,

PHOTO: Stephanie Frey/Getty Images