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RICHMOND, Ind. — The mother of a teenager who killed himself at a Richmond school in 2018 has been charged.

Mary York faces charges in Wayne County. On December 13, 2018, 14-year-old Brandon Clegg, brought a gun to Dennis Intermediate School, shot at police, then shot and killed himself.

At the time, York was credited with calling 911 before the shooting, allowing officers to respond more quickly.

York is now facing charges of dangerous control of a child, two counts of neglect of a dependent, and three counts of neglect of a dependent.

According to court documents, Clegg had made statements to the staff at Fayette Regional Hospital in Connersville on May 30, 2018, about wanting to go into a school and kill people who had bullied him. That same month, court documents state Clegg expressed suicidal thoughts to a counselor at Centerstone in Richmond.

Clegg was prescribed medication while at Fayette Regional. He told York the medication made him feel weird, and she said she didn’t make him take it. York also took him out of the inpatient mental health treatment program because her insurance wouldn’t pay the costs and she couldn’t afford it, court documents say.

Court documents also state that Clegg fired a gun inside of the family home in October 2018. York didn’t notify police or remove the guns from the residence.

The night before the shooting at Dennis Intermediate School, Clegg recorded a video on his cellphone of him breaking into the family’s gun cabinet. In the video, he “repeatedly stated his intention to kill people at Dennis Middle School,” according to court documents.

On the morning of the shooting, Clegg took York’s boyfriend, Kelly Connor, hostage and forced him to drive him to the school.

Clegg shot his way through a glass door and entered the building. Officers followed him in and exchanged gunfire. Clegg then shot and killed himself.

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