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WASHINGTON — President Trump has ordered Vice President Mike Pence to visit Turkey in order to persuade the president of Turkey to call off their invasion of Kurdish lands in Syria. 

Pence told reporters yesterday that Trump has spoken with President Erdoğan (AIR-doo-WAHN) asking him for an immediate cease-fire and for the Turks to start negotiations with the Kurds.  

“President Trump communicated to him very clearly that the United States of America wants Turkey to stop the invasion,” Pence said. “The president has directed me to lead a delegation to Turkey in the near future to begin discussions and negotiations to bring the bloodshed to an end.”

It’s not clear how soon Pence will depart for Turkey or how long he will be staying there. Pence said the Turks have agreed not to attack the Kurdish city of Kobani, where a few U.S. troops are still stationed. It’s also an important city for the Kurds.

Turkey’s military moved into Northern Syria after President Trump decided to pull U.S. troops our of the region. Trump has also approved sanctions against Turkey if the fighting doesn’t end soon.

The Turks believe the Kurds are terrorists which is why with the U.S leaving the region they have decided to invade Kurdish lands in what they are calling an anti-terrorist operation.

(PHOTO: Pool/Getty Images)