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Leave it to the uptight members of a homeowners’ association to trample liberty and steal your Halloween cheer.

In an era when everything is triggering and offensive, a homeowner in Georgia is having his Constitutional right to ‘free speech’ violated by the local Citizen’s Auxillary P.C. Police, after a scarecrow with plumber’s crack was deemed ‘too offensive’ for minors.

Fulton County homeowner Mike O’Neill and his family have an annual tradition. It’s an October tradition, a tradition they cherish. It’s a tradition that O’Neill likely hoped to have carried on by his children, his children’s children, and so on for many a generation, long after he’s departed this mortal coil.

The O’Neill family tradition has been a blessing to their community. In fact, It’s a tradition that long-time area residents anticipate with excitement each and every Halloween. Hell, it’s the reason for the season!

Every autumn, as the leaves in southern Georgia transform themselves from a dull and dreary green into a brilliant symphony of color, Mike O’Neill puts up the Halloween decorations on his family’s front lawn. The eye-catching and highly-coveted centerpiece of that display: a modest scarecrow/pumpkin man with its pants pulled down, “mooning” people as they pass by the O’Neill family homestead.

“We get a lot of chuckles out of it,” said homeowner Mike O’Neill, beaming with a well-deserved pride.

Halloween 2019, however, Mike O’Neil’s beloved dream for his family and his community went smash. Liberty was silenced and defecated upon. American society was mortally wounded yet again.

Last weekend, honorable homeowner and American patriot Mike O’Neill was censored and forced to alter his festive display by one of the most fearsome and aggressively-intrusive government bureaucracies in America: the homeowners association. 

About a week ago, an HOA board member told O’Neill in an email, “We have had more new neighbors with small children move in … and they are finding it offensive.”

“So we said we’ll make it less offensive. And that’s when we put the sign up saying it’s been censored,” O’Neill said.

As musician Bob Dylan once light-heartedly sang, “the times, they are a-changin’.”

In 2008, newly-elected Barack HUSSEIN Obama promised the “fundamental transformation of America.” 11 years later in a quiet Fulton County, GA neighborhood, the most destructive President in the history of the Republic made good on that promise. Is this really the future we want for our children?

Mike O’Neil, America shares in your grief and mourns your loss as our own. God bless you and keep you, good sir. God bless us all. God save America. #Trump2020

WIBC hosts Jason Hammer and Rob Kendall covered the pantless scarecrow on Wednesday’s broadcast. It’s an American story. It’s our story. It’s included in today’s edition of “Is This Anything?”