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Somewhere in Hell today, Charles Manson and Adolf Hitler are doing a figure skating routine on a newly-built ice rink. 

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett FINALLY sat down for an interview with WIBC! And get this: he actually did it ON PURPOSE!

Hogsett, who is seeking a second term as Mayor, primarily sat down with WIBC News Director Chris Davis to address what his administration has been doing to reduce violent crime in Indianapolis.

“The level of gun violence that Indianapolis has experienced, and frankly most other urban areas throughout the country has experienced, is unacceptable and unprecedented,” Hogsett told Davis.

Hogsett says he believes the investments the city has made under his administration to reduce violent crime are beginning to pay off.

“Even though it’s still the middle of October, we may very well at the end of this year, see the very first reduction in a year over year basis, in the number of homicides in our city,” said Hogsett.

WIBC host Tony Katz offers his perspective on some additional comments from the Mayor Hogsett’s interview in the clip below.