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What started out as dirty group sex ultimately led to a brutal fight over laundry, toilet paper, and dishes on an Oklahoma highway.

Tim Yost likes being married and having filthy sex with his wife, Richelle. Richelle’s a big girl, but she’s nimble for her size.

Tim Yost also enjoys having “the sex” with a plus-sized gal named “Amanda Breeze.” Amanda’s not quite as nimble as Richelle, but when she gets cornered by a predator, she has all the strength and destructive chewing force of a circus chimp on methamphetamine.

Anyhow, Tim, Richelle, and Amanda all enjoy naughty, dirty, filthy sex. After all, sexuality and pleasure is a gift from God, and they damn sure ain’t ashamed of having themselves a nekkid, sweaty, good time in the back of their rented mobile camper.

And since “doing things is always much more fun with a group,” Tim, Richelle, and Amanda regularly exceed the recommended load capacity of their 1964 “Minnie Winne” and enjoy themselves some good, old-fashioned, vigorous three-way humpin’!

Tim, Richelle, and Amanda really go at it too! Hell, last time they engaged in a round of three-way thrumming they bent the damn frame, blew out the suspension, and broke the rear axle on that camper they rent. The body shop worked on that sumbitch for a week-and-a-half just to get it level again. $2,300 in damages!

Word is they also had to get the neighbor’s kid a new dog. Damn mutt was under the camper when the axle snapped. 

So Tim, Richelle, and Amanda were all sexually compatible, reasonably hygienic, and getting along just fine for a while. Then Amanda decided she wanted Tim all for herself, so Tim and Amanda moved out and left Richelle behind. Not cool at all, especially since Richelle’s got abandonment issues following her fifth divorce from her second husband.

Unfortunately, sex isn’t everything, and the relationship between Tim and Amanda began to deteriorate over complex emotional issues related to toilet paper, laundry, and dishes.

In the end, the story of this three-way romance that’s straight out of a John Hughes movie came to an explosive conclusion on an Oklahoma highway this week.

According to police, Tim Yost and Amanda Breeze got in an argument and Yost decided the relationship was over.

Tim threw his clothes in a plastic grocery bag, hopped on his Harley, and called Richelle to drive his van. The two didn’t get very far, however, before Breeze was on their ass like stank on dog crap.

“She is pissed,” Yost told News 4 TV in Oklahoma

Breeze rammed into the back of Yost’s bike and sent him flying across the pavement “Christopher Reeve style.”

A few people called 911. For the most part, however, the majority of them focused on capturing the incident on their phones while pointing and laughing. 

“I didn’t run him over,” Breeze said.

“Yes you did b****,” a 911 caller said. “I watched you!”

Then, Richelle remembered her training at the Hillbilly Institute of Self-Defense” (not an accredited training academy) and allegedly turned the tables on Breeze.

Richelle hit Breeze’s car before the two got out and engaged in hand-to-hand “white-trash combat” on the highway.

“She gets her hair pinned down and then just does blows to Amanda’s face and rocks her world,” Yost said.

Both women are now in jail facing charges.

Tim was rushed to the hospital and is still on the road to recovery. But, with a little prayer, a lot of physical therapy, and a monthly check from the government, he’ll be back in the three-way humpin’ game in no time.

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