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HAMMOND, Ind. — A sneezing fit is what caused a truck driver to lose control of his semi Thursday morning in Hammond.

Steven Baker, of East Prairie, Mo., was getting off of the interstate at Indianapolis Boulevard when he started coughing and sneezing.

He got so distracted that he had to swerve to avoid a car and lost control, said Indiana State Police.

The truck left the road and Baker felt his trailer (loaded with 30,000 pounds of aluminum) begin to sway.

The semi rolled over and landed driver’s side-down on Indianapolis Boulevard, trapping Baker inside the cab.

Several other drivers, including a competitive weightlifter and an off-duty nurse, stopped to help, reports The Times of Northwest Indiana.

The group broke the windshield and got Baker out of the cab just before the police arrived.

Baker was taken to a Gary hospital and is expected to recover.

(Photo provided by the Indiana State Police.)