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GREENWOOD, Ind. — It’s been two months since Ryan Latham, a Whiteland High School football player, mysteriously died.

His family is still grieving his loss, but that grief is getting worse because they say they still don’t know how their son passed away. Carol and Steve Latham tell WISH-TV they are being blown off by the Johnson County coroner about an exact cause of Ryan’s death.

“We literally got his death certificate, and it was as informal as getting a receipt,” Carol Latham said.

She said they never got a death certificate from the coroner. Instead, they go it from the funeral director. The certificate listed the cause of Ryan’s death as “undetermined.” The same was said for the manner of his death.

Both of his parents were under the impression their son was healthy.

“What happened,” asked Carol Latham. “Because, for whatever reason, it seemed like that would give us closure. That would give us an answer as to why he had leave us. Now, we don’t even have that. We didn’t even get the respect or the courtesy from the coroner to say,’Hey, we tried our best. We couldn’t find it’.”

They now fear whatever took Ryan’s life could also be a threat to his 11-year-old brother. That’s why the family is taking Renny to see doctors at Riley Children’s Hospital at IU Health this week to get him tested for potential risks.

The Johnson County Coroner’s Office told WISH-TV the full autopsy is finalized, but some other information that has come in still has to be reviewed.

WISH-TV’s Jenny Draesler contributed to this article.