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INDIANAPOLIS–When you go Trick or Treating Halloween night, you can expect rain and cold temperatures. 

“Temperatures will be about 43 (degrees) at 5 pm to about 39 (degrees) by 7 or 8 pm. With 30 mph winds, it’s going to be pretty cold, so make sure you keep yourself warm. Plus it’s going to be rainy on top of all that,” says National Weather Service of Indianapolis Meteorologist Mike Koch. 

Koch says rain will start at about 10 Wednesday morning, continue through Thursday, and come to an end Thursday night. 

“In the Indianapolis area, we could see close to two inches of rain, a little bit less in the northwest, and a little higher amounts to the southeast,” Koch said. 

Koch also discussed the possibility of snow in either of those days. 

“Very very little. Before the precipitation ends around 2 am (Friday), there could be an hour or two in there where a snowflake or two may mix in with those rain showers,” Koch said. 

Then you can expect cold temperatures to stick around Friday. 

“By Friday morning, we’re looking at temperatures around 28 and wind chill temperatures around 18, so the drive into work is going to be pretty miserable,” Koch said. 

Koch says high temperatures will move back up into the 50s with either partly cloudy or mostly sunny skies from Saturday until next Wednesday. 

(PHOTO: National Weather Service Indianapolis)