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(Mark Makela / Stringer / Getty Images)

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris is experiencing a number of extremely intricate and complicated campaign woes, which pose enormous and insurmountable challenges to her valiant attempt to secure the Oval Office.

Hmm… The above sentence seems a bit wordy. Allow me to state that more plainly: Kamala Harris ain’t gonna win the Democrat nomination for President. What a pity. She looked great in a pantsuit.

Moving on, Harris knows she has not a snowball’s chance in hell of becoming President, and she has therefore conjured up an intelligent rationale for her latest polling numbers, which are crap. Why are they crap? Racism! Also, Sexism! What a wildly original justification for a failed campaign! 

Harris, whose chosen pronouns are ‘she’ and ‘her,’ rolled that “I can win because” rhetoric out in an interview with Axios on HBO. Harris described electability as the “elephant in the room” of her campaign and pondered whether America is ready for a woman of color to be commander in chief.

What is she even talking about? Elizabeth Warren is 1/1024th Native American and her polling numbers are great!

More Kamala Harris sentences: “There is a lack of ability or a difficulty in imagining that someone whom we have never seen can do a job that has been done 45 times by someone who is not that person.”

Good Lord, Harris’ sentences are wordier than mine. Maybe THAT’S one of the reasons she’s losing: she can’t communicate her ideas clearly and effectively. 

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