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Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has finally pulled back the curtain on her plan to bankrupt the United States government, crash the economy, and steal even MORE money out of your paycheck. That plan is called “Medicare for all,” and it can be yours today for only $52 trillion, America!

Warren’s plan comes at a time when the U.S. government’s total unfunded liabilities are just over $74 trillion dollars (and climbing), the annual budget deficit is over $1 trillion, and the country’s debt-to-GDP ratio is 106{46ff1f14221e6e90aab6104ff16614ca22b12c1f029f774ee196565ca96b3af3} in the red. You either have to be suicidal or shockingly stupid to endorse Warren’s plan with a straight face – a plan that she claims can be implemented without raising taxes on the middle-class.

“We don’t need to raise taxes on the middle class by one penny to finance Medicare-for-all,” Warren says in her plan, a copy of which was obtained by Fox News.

Warren’s Medicare manifesto requires $20.5 trillion in new federal spending over the course of a decade and would be ‘funded’ by a combination of existing federal and state spending on Medicare, a slew of new taxes on employees, the financial sector, large corporations and the wealthy, deep cuts to military spending and payments to doctors and “comprehensive immigration reform,” which I assume means amnesty for all. Get those illegal aliens, aka Democrat voters, into the tax system to pay their fair share! 

Wait, we’re going to pay for the program by pulling illegal immigrants into the tax system? I thought Warren’s plan was only going to raise taxes on the wealthy?

I’m not sure if Elizabeth Warren is lying or merely economically illiterate. Either way, she has no business serving in the U.S. Senate, let alone the White House.

WIBC host Tony Katz has more on Elizabeth Warren’s plan to drop an H-bomb on the U.S. economy in the clip below.