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A fugitive in Illinois with a sense of humor surrendered himself to police this week, but only after they agreed to Photoshop a costume onto his wanted poster picture.

Kankakee County Sheriff’s Department posts notices about fugitives on its Facebook page each Wednesday and calls the day ‘Warrant Wednesday’.

This week, the department posted a picture of Brandon W. Conti, who was wanted for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol.

Conti saw the post pertaining to his warrant and then commented: “Where’s my costume?”

Sheriff’s office staff then edited the photo to add a sailor suit and a hat that read: “Ahoy.”

Fugitive Surrenders After Asking Cops To Add Costume To His Wanted Poster

Conti replied with laughing emojis, saying: “That’s awesome. I’ll be there before noon please have the paperwork done and ready.”

Thank goodness the cops didn’t Photoshop Conti in blackface or we’d be dealing with an entirely different situation.

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