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Daylight Savings Time – ‘DST’ for the hip cats – is quite possibly the most enormously sucko practice our culture has embraced since the tradition of celebrating fallen servicemen and women on Memorial Day with half-priced mattress sales. 

Ever since childhood we’ve been indoctrinated to believe that Ben Franklin invented DST as a way to help out farmers. BULL CRAP! Ask a farmer sometime how moving their clocks forward or backward one hour makes their job easier. I guarantee you get little more than a blank stare.

DST is a scam! It’s a curse on society and I guarantee you it does more harm than good. Look around on your morning commute the day after we move the clocks forward in spring. Half of the drivers are groggy-eyed and barely keeping their mid-size sedan between the lines.

DST blows! Talk to a parent with a toddler the day after we set the clock back an hour in fall. You think their three-year slept in? You think the dog decided he could wait an extra hour to eat breakfast? 

DST is a killer! Your sleep cycle is governed by your innate circadian rhythm, which is controlled in part by the sunlight you receive throughout the day. When the clocks change, this circadian rhythm is disrupted, causing sleep deprivation. That’s right, DST is bad for your health. 

Bottom line: Ben Franklin sucks.

Now a message from the Chicks on the Right about DST: