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SHELBYVILLE, Ind. — In November 2018, a stray dog was found with chemical burns outside an abandoned house in Shelby County. 

After a year of tests, surgeries and therapy sessions at IndyVet, the Shelby County Animal Shelter says Justice the Pitbull Terrier has found a foster family. 

When Justice was found, he had burns on his eyes, nose and throat. The animal shelter called it a “miracle” that Justice survived. 

He had to be put on a feeding tube because his face was so swollen. He then got sepsis. Then pneumonia. Then heartworm. 

He endured a lot of pain and a long recovery. 

But on Saturday — exactly a year later — the animal shelter posted on Facebook to announce Justice has found a home with a loving family. 

The post says Justice “continues to gain weight and his left eye is looking better.” He enjoys donut holes, filet mignon and vanilla wafers, along with car rides. 

The animal shelter –and police — are still looking for the original owner that abused Justice. There is a $15,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of the owner.

(PHOTO: Shelby County Animal Shelter Facebook page)