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The state of Florida keeps turning out stories that are sure to cause massive bouts of depression and feelings of hopelessness for employees at the state’s tourism commission.

The latest unofficial “Avoid Florida” campaign ad features Stephone Johnson, 27, a man who threw a dog cage with a chihuahua inside at his cousin during an argument.

Police say Johnson and his cousin had gotten into an argument at their St. Petersburg home last Tuesday night when Johnson began threatening to harm everyone staying at the residence. The 27-year-old then picked up the black metal cage with the 1-year-old Rosco still inside and tossed it at his relative, according to an arrest report.

The cage hit his cousin, who suffered a minor bruise on her upper arm. No word on the dog’s condition.

Fun Fact: This wasn’t Johnson’s first run-in with the law. Court records show the St. Petersburg resident has been convicted of two misdemeanors — petit theft and battery — since 2017.

The Chicks on the Right and Producer Rob discussed the horrific story on Tuesday’s edition of Speed Round.

Mock: “Okay, you can’t just go around throwing dogs in cages.”

Rob: “Is that wrong?”

Daisy: “Yeah, but I’ll bet that little chihuahua is a badass though because they usually are like little Napoleons. 

Mock: “Yeah, they’re little ankle-biters.” 

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