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Last weekend, that gang at the Home and Garden Show (Saturdays, 9am – 1pm) was talking about accidently moving the program out of the illustrious downtown studios on the wrong weekend. The goal, as I understand it, was to broadcast somewhere other than smack dab in the epicenter of the Monumental Marathon, a mega race which spans through downtown, midtown, and the north side. 

Think about that for a second. 

There’s a certain level of traffic crazy some events bring to Indy, and it’s well known that getting boxed in by a street closure on the Monumental Marathon route will cause you to wait, wait, and wait, and wait….

Move a radio show? Sure. Stay clear of the route? Smart. Plan ahead? A must.

This isn’t necessarily a complaint here. Monumental Marathon is a super cool metropolitan thing, and great for Indy. We’re talking thousands of runners visiting the Circle City and spending money here. Some even qualify for the Boston Marathon, which gives the event a national element as well. However, traffic for a good chunk of Saturday will be amazingly bad, and you’ll need to think your next step through a bit before doing anything. Also, a record number of particiapants are expected this upcoming race, so yeah.


Below is a list of street closures and time frame of the closure on Saturday. The race itself begins at 8:00am. The last closure will be lifted after 3:00pm.

Monumental Mile Map

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Monumental Marathon Street Closures


(Bold Face Denotes All Lanes Closed)




RACE START: Capitol Ave just north of Washington Street.

Capitol Ave. from Washington St. to McCarty St.

McCarty from Capitol Ave. to Delaware St.

Delaware St. from McCarty to South St.

South St. from Delaware St. to New Jersey St.

New Jersey St. from South St. to Virginia Ave.

Virginia Ave. from New Jersey St. to Maryland St.

Maryland St. from Virginia Ave. to Meridian St.

Meridian Street from Maryland St. to Monument Circle

North on Monument Circle (using the east side)

North on Meridian St. from Monument Circle to New York St.

New York St. from Meridian St. to Alabama St.

Alabama St. from New York St. to North St.


Mass Ave.


North St. from Alabama St. to Mass Ave.

Mass Ave. from North St. to Bellefontaine St.

Bellefontaine St. from Mass Ave. to 10th St

10th St. from Bellefontaine St. to Fort Wayne Ave.

Fort Wayne Ave. from 10th St. to Pennsylvania St.




Pennsylvania St. from Fort Wayne Ave./North St. to Fall Creek Pkwy. S. (three east lanes)

Fall Creek Pkwy. S. from Pennsylvania St. to Delaware St. (two east lanes)

Delaware St. from Fall Creek Pkwy. S. to Fall Creek Pkwy. N. (two east lanes)

Fall Creek Pkwy. N. from Delaware St. to Broadway St. OR Coliseum Ave.

(two west curb lanes)


Half-Marathon breaks off at Broadway St.


Broadway St. from Fall Creek Pkwy. N. to 29th St.

29th St. from Broadway St. to Washington Blvd. (north curb lane)

Washington Blvd. from 29th St. to 34th St.

34th St. from Washington Blvd. to Central Ave.

Central Ave. from 34th St. to 36th St.

36th St. from Central Ave. to Washington Blvd.

Washington Blvd. from 36th St. to Penway St.

Penway St. from Washington Blvd. to Pennsylvania St.

Pennsylvania St. from Penway St. to 30th St. (southbound lanes)

(Staying to the LEFT/EAST on last section of Pennsylvania that connects with 30th)

30th from Pennsylvania St. to Meridian St. (north lanes)

Meridian St. from 30th St. to New York St. (second lanes out from west curb)




New York St. from Meridian St. to Capitol Ave.

Capitol Ave. from New York St. to Washington Street

Washington St. to the finish line

Finish line on Washington St. about 200 ft. west of Senate Ave.


Resume full Monumental Marathon


State Fairgrounds


Coliseum Ave. from Fall Creek Pkwy. N. to 38th St.

38th St. from Coliseum Ave. to College Ave. (south two curb lanes)

38th St. from College Ave. to Washington Blvd. (north two curb lanes)




Washington Blvd. from 38th St. to 58th St. (northbound lanes)

58th St. from Washington Blvd. to College Ave.


Broad Ripple


College Ave. from 58th St. to 64th St. (west curb lanes)

64th St. from College Ave. to Park Ave.

Park Ave. from 64th St. to Riverview Dr.

Riverview Dr. from Park Ave. to Old Meridian St. (north curb lane)

Old Meridian St. from Riverview Dr. to Meridian St. (west curb lane)


Meridian Kessler


Meridian St. from Old Meridian St. (north of Kessler Blvd.) to 46th St. (west curb lane)




46th from Meridian St. to Illinois St. (westbound lane)

Illinois St. from 46th St. to Hampton Dr. (southbound lane)

Hampton Dr. from Illinois St. to Haughey Ave. (eastbound lane)




Haughey Ave. from Hampton Dr. to 42nd St. (northbound lane)

42nd St. across Michigan St. into Newfields (north lane)

Through the grounds of Newfields to 38th Street


White River


Across 38th St. and down the ramp onto White River Pkwy E. Drive (north curb lane)

White River Pkwy. E. from 38th St. to 30th St. (southbound lane)
30th St.  to N. White River Parkway E. Dr.

White River Pkwy. E. from 30th St. to Burdsal Pkwy. (southbound lane)


Riverside/Meridian Highland


Burdsal Pkwy. from White River Pkwy. E. to Fall Creek Blvd./Fall Creek Pkwy. N. (eastbound lane)

Fall Creek Pkwy. N. to Meridian St. (eastbound lane)




Meridian St. from Fall Creek Pkwy. N. to New York St. (west curb lane)

New York St. from Meridian St. to Capitol Ave.

Capitol Ave. from New York St. to Washington St.

Washington St. to the finish line

Finish line on Washington St. about 200 ft. west of Senate Ave.


A few extras to think of when whipping up your Saturday travel plans:

  • From the list above, know when your particular street of interest will be closed by checking the posted course map. 
  • Even if an above street is not completely closed, you’re really taking your chances by traveling the course, or going near it. If that’s your path, it’s best to expect delays.
  • Parking restrictions start at Midnight. Do not park on the course. If you do park on the course, be sure to figure an Uber ride into the ticket and tow cost. I know from experience. 
  • If your driveway is on the course, it may be hard to use it, as in leave the house. Plan accordingly.
  • IndyGo bus routes will be affected Saturday from 5:30am – 4:30pm. Check here for more information.
  • Crossing the street or moving laterally across a street on the course will be difficult because of the number of runners. I’m planning on avoiding the course all together in the morning.  



(Photo Credit: Downtown Indy, Inc.

Debuting Saturday night on Monument Circle is “Shining a Light,” a multi-million light and graphics production. After Saturday, it will occur nightly on the Circle, and sets an original score from the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra to motion graphics and images highlighting a specific theme or season. 

I was able to snap a preview from an Emmis tower balcony, and it looks absolutely incredible. Check it out:

The presentation starts Saturday at 4:00pm, which includes live music and all sorts of fun stuff.  It also promises to pack a ton of people into Mile Square, so plan accordingly.


Lane Restrictions

  • Northbound and Southbound I-65 from Southport Rd. to the South Split 

          Intermittent lane closures 

          Friday 9pm to Monday 6am

          NO ramps will be affected 

  • Westbound I-70 from the South Split to Meridian St. 

          Right two lanes closed 

          Saturday 9pm to Sunday 6am

  • Eastbound I-70 from Meridian St. to the South Split 

          Right two lanes closed 

          Sunday 9pm to Monday 6am

  • Westbound I-465 from 38th St. to U.S. 31 (Meridian St.) 

          Right three lanes closed 

          Friday 7pm to Monday 6am

          Traffic will be diverted onto Shadeland Ave. Collector Ramp 

  • Northbound I-69 from 96th St. to 106th St. 

          Left two lanes closed

          Saturday 6pm to Sunday 6am 

  • Northbound I-69 from 96th St. to 106th St. 

          Right two lanes closed 

          Sunday 6pm to Monday 6am

  • Eastbound I-465 from Ditch Rd. to College Ave. (Northwest side) 

          Right lane closed 

          Friday 8pm to Monday 6am

  • Westbound I-465 from College Ave. to Ditch Rd.

          Right lane closed 

          Friday 8pm to Monday 6am

  • Southbound I-65 from I-465 to Martin Luther King Jr. St.

          Right two lanes closed 

          Saturday 6am to Sunday 6am

  • Northbound I-65 from Martin Luther King Jr. St. to I-465

          Right two lanes closed 

          Saturday 6am to Sunday 6am

  • Eastbound I-70 from Post Rd. to Mt. Comfort Rd. 

          Right lane closed AND ramp lane closed from Eastbound I-70 to Mt. Comfort Rd.

          Friday 9pm to Monday 3pm

Ramp Closures 

  • Keystone Ave. to Westbound I-465

          Friday 7pm to Monday 6am

  • Pendleton Pike to Northbound I-465

          Friday 10pm to Monday 6am

  • Eastbound I-465 to U.S. 31 (Meridian St) 

          Friday 8pm to Monday 6am

  • U.S. 31 (Meridian St) to Westbound I-465

          Friday 8pm Monday 6am

  • Eastbound I-865 to Eastbound I-465

          Saturday 5am to Sunday 6am

Matt Bair is the new voice of Indianapolis traffic, and can be followed on Twitter @WIBCTraffic. Fans of Facebook can “like” WIBC Traffic for the latest traffic happenings and occasional frivolity. Tips? Call direct at (317) 684-8134 or the 93 WIBC Newsroom at (317) 637-6397.

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